let me start out by saying that i feel extremely blessed to have worked with some amazing clients who i’ve also became extremely close with.. i love each of you dearly!

i want to give you a little bio, on me… so you can get to know me, the real me…

1st and most important i am a christian. i grew up in church my whole life, but strayed as a teen. lived my life in a way im not proud of. but, i wouldnt have a testimony today if i hadnt have lived the life i have lived.. no person is perfect.

after meeting my husband, having morgan(my 8yr old), we got into church together. he got saved 1st, then i followed a few months later. being a christian is 1 thing, and having a christinan husband is another. but to personally know him is what i lean on.. i trust him 100% with my entire heart!

I have 3 girls. morgan(8), brynlie(4) and ainslee(19 months).. life is crazy, as you can imagine.. 😉 they keep me grounded, and light up my life! couldnt feel more blessed than i do right now.. my husband and i have been married for a little over 8yrs now.. he is my soul mate. the 1 i lean on when im sad, happy, worried, you name it.. he knows how to make me laugh when i feel like i could scream. lol

i started photography as a hobby. i bought a camera, took some pics of my girlies, and boom… i was hooked.. i had never felt like that before about any “hobby’, and had to learn more.. it’s been 2yrs and still love it as much as i did the day i BOUGHT my 1st camera;)

i studied, bought presets, actions, lenses, you name it.. (and let me just say i was horrible, lol, when i first started).. looking bk at some oldies really cracks me up.. but thankful for those times or i wouldnt be where i am today if it wasnt for those days..

i took sometime off recently.. revaluated my life, my business, my priorities..

only to find an amazing mentor to sit with me and give me pointers, teach me things i had no clue about and help me in discovering tons that i thought i was doing right, and wasnt.. thankful is an understatement! 

i enjoy all types of photography. family and children are prob. my fave. i think bc with 3 small children myself, i feel i can bring personality in your childrens faces when at a session:)

i feel very comfy at the point i’m at to change tons. i’ve learned tons, though i need more training, but hey everyone does.. i dont claim to be the best, the most perfect… but i can tell you 1 thing is my heart and soul is in every single session i do.. i LOVE meeting new people and love all those that have stuck with me through the past 2 years.. you guys rock.. period!!!

so, with 2012 leaving us soon, i wanted to give you a little bio on me.. the real me.. not just the photographer, but me..

plans for this upcoming year????

to run my business, God lead… i’m putting him in charge of it all.. i feel he is the only reason im doing this passion anyway.. he put me here for a reason and i will continue to do his calling until he takes me out… it’ll fall into place with his guidance…

looking forward to an amazing new year.. cant wait to meet some new faces and see all my “oldie” faces as well!!

take care and thanks for reading my book;)