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I’ve been slacking so badly on my blog it isn’t funny!! trying to keep up with everything is starting to catch up and kick my behind… i have a trillion things to do, and need to get on the ball, but for some strange reason felt the urge to write some personal things this afternoon…… so, here goes

i wanted to give you an insight on me… who i am, what i love, hate, adore, feel….. there’s been many days I’ve wanted  to sit and do this, just never got around to it..

1) i bought my camera many yrs ago and picked photography up fast.. i mean i went in full force.. i knew from the beginning i adored it, just didn’t have time to get really into it.. so when i did, i’m telling you, i went in 100%, and still do today. i worked several jobs throughout my life.. high school i worked at dairy queen, for many years. then i actually worked at walmart.. then got my foot into a vet office and LOVED it! i worked at several vet offices for many yrs… starting out walking dogs and cleaning kennels. then moved to up to vet tech, and finally surgical tech.. loved every minute of it too.. Then got pregnant with my first babe and decided it was time to stop working and lean towards family life….. it was the best decision, but a tough 1. i really loved my job and my coworkers, the Dr’s, the facility…. but knew it was just time.. took many, many yrs off of work to focus on the girls, (we added bryn, our 2nd)… then added Ains.. this is when i picked my first camera up.. right after she was born. instant love. instantly knew this was what i was meant to do, be….. several years later, still adore it the same as to when i first started!

2) I’ve taken several classes during my time in this business… i spent the entire day with Julie Paisley, 1 on 1..driving to meet her and her assistant in the hotel was the most nerve racking I’ve ever felt, lol….. i was beyond nervous. i was insanely excited and felt so honored to spend the day with her! amazing lady, amazing photographer!  i was also mentored by Rachel Anglen, for many hours which then resulting into having a wonderful new friendship. ive taken online classes, workshops, among other things… why am i even saying all this?? well I’m telling you about Me.. and all this is me… 😉

3) I have only a handful of friends.. true friends.. and i feel so blessed these ladies are apart of my life. surrounding yourself with true honest friends is very important to me. they all mean the world to me!

4)I’m totally and madly in love with my husband.. after 10yrs of marriage, i still love him the same as i did when i first met him. yes, we struggle, we fuss and fight, but who doesn’t. we may not live in the finest home, or have a huge bank account to do what we wish with, but that’s fine.. i could care less.. life isn’t about material things.. I learned this very quick… my husband and I both work very hard to keep our family together, keep our house, food on the table, clothes for our girls.. i wouldn’t change  a thing either!

5)then there’s our girls.. and soon to add another. isn’t it amazing how God works… it amazes me to even think of his love for us. how he blesses us even when we don’t recognize it all the time. how he keeps us going when we many only have a couple $$ in the bank,, he ALWAYS provides. always. how he puts people in and out of our lives for a reason. maybe to learn a lesson, or maybe to show us we are much stronger than we think.. I’m grateful for all the ups and downs he’s put me through. i wouldn’t be where i am today if it wasnt for some/most of those hard times.. there are many things that used to bother me to no end..i’ve come to realize those things were just a test on ME. I’m grateful for the things God has put me through.. i only know there’s more to come. it is my responsibly to react with Gods love only. he blesses those who are truly his children. and im eternally thankful for this!

am i perfect, NO!! no way, in no way shape or form. but what i do know is things happen for a reason and i trust in God’s reasons.. 🙂

ok. so anyway, i could go on forever and ever….. but i won’t.. i will be posting more through the many weeks ahead… including adding another baby to our family.. so be on the lookout for tons more personal “me” blogs… thanks for reading/listening… 🙂


good morning all! i want to give you some info on the amazing workshop i’ve got together for 8 lucky participants:) i will only take 8 to ensure proper 1 on 1 time with each of you! my goal for this workshop is to help.. i want to help you reach your goals whether it be just taking random images of your kids at home, or if your a photog that need a boost in learning proper ways to shoot in manual mode, lighting, exposure, iso, aperture and much much more!

requirements for attendees: no shoes ( 😉 )

of course you need to own a camera

and come ready to have fun and learn!

i will be going over my journey, how i shoot, what mode is best, how to use light, and most of all, how to be comfortable with your camera!

my plans are big. i plan to use lace, candles, tables, have snacks, models to practice on so that you get a feel of how i do sessions and placements, lifestyle, ect!

miss Kate Taylor with Kate Taylor photography will also be joining in on this! i know she’s got a different prospective on how she does things and why she does them! i’m positive this will be amazing!!

When: Sept 8th (Sunday)

time: we will start around 6pm, learning, socializing, questions, snacks, all sitting around a table together.. i will also have an area to the side to go and sit 1 on 1 for those that need extra boost of info:) the class will last AT LEAST 3 hours, so pleas take this into consideration..

where: i’ve chose a spot with a wonderful backyard! this will be what makes this workshop! fun, relaxing and special! (in kingsport, tn)

cost: 110.00/ this covers time, snacks and of course models to photograph!

how to sign up: shoot me an email and we will set it up! Rem. only 8 spots open for this particular workshop!

i’m looking so forward to hosting and teaching this workshop! i feel it’s going to be the start of something amazing!

take care, Desra

a small bit of info for those considering this class: i’ve been in business several years now. i’m a natural light only photographer! i’ve taken several workshops throughout my time in this business and have had several 1 on 1 mentor sessions with well known photogs. i’ve taken tons of online classes, i use Nikon, i also have a couple favorite lenses i use! i will go over ALL this with each of you to give you a prospective of who i am and what training i’ve actually had.. i say this to BC i know what it’s like signing up for a workshop (though mine were not nearly as affordable as this, lol), that it can be scary! wondering if it’s worth your time, will you even learn anything? well, i can promise you that i will give you my heart and soul on this evening! i feel very strongly about helping others! and i’m very excited!!!!

this class is for beginners- wanting to learn new techniques..


Celebrating 1 year!!

such fun.. so sweet… so many details… loved being apart of this special day… 🙂 just a few from the special event this past weekend!

love this family!!!!

i titled this post “i love this family” for a reason. i honestly do.. Val is the most amazing momma, friend, wife, teacher i’ve met.. she’s so kind hearted it’s unbelievable!! then add Mike to the mix and you have an insane couple!!! then not to forget the boys.. blast we had at this session, no lie! i adore photographing them and love that i capture not just memories for them, but wall art for display! i know Val will cherish these memories forever. thats what its all about.. in my book!!! 🙂 love you val and mike!

I first met “miss” megan 2 years ago, she gave my girls swimming lessons, and plus i took her and Jarod’s pictures FORever ago.. they were almost my first paying customer when i first started.. these 2 are kind, and the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet.. so nice.. i really enjoyed spending time with them capturing some memories that will last forever.. soon to be 3.. i think girl, but we shall see in a few more weeks!!! congrats Megan and Jarod.. you guys will be amazing parents!!!!!! 🙂

the most precious and sweetest family! i really enjoyed this session. at home, comfy and we had a ton of fun! this family is so special to me!!!

the Quillen girls

this session is so close to my heart… there are some friends who are just meant to be in our lives.. this lady is 1 of those……… love these 3. so sweet!!!!!!

i was so very excited to meet this couple.. we had tons of fun and laughs the whole time. they are getting married soon and i was honored they chose me to photograph them to capture a few before heading out of country to tie the knot;) looking forward to seeing all the beautiful images from their wedding soon:) congrats!!!


81how very special this session was… enjoyed every minute of it… pure joy!

mommy and me

love, love this family.. i’ve had the pleasure of photographing them many times.. enjoy every second.. sweet miss “A” is always the best little thing.. she is the sunshine of this family, as well as the doggie 😉
i so enjoyed getting to know jenny and cant wait to watch miss A grow.. beauty!!!