let me start by saying this blog will be the truth, and if you cant handle the truth you may want to “x” off now….

i’d lie if i’d say this year was the best yet(business wise).. i’ve had some up’s and down’s throughout the yr for sure! i met a ton of new clients and seen a ton of returns which both make me super happy!

i went through a very dark period to where i had to shut my page down on fb for just a little bit. things just got way out of hand and i had enough! if anyone tells you being a photographer is easy, they are lying.. though it’s got it’s highs as well.. and i adore my job, thats not it, it’s just very tough! period…

i have learned a lot about the business in the past 2years.. not just equipment wise, but mentally as well… i’ve had  an amazing mentor and super amazing friends to keep my heart where it should be.. and tons of praying! i did a lot of neglecting my family, my children, my husband and my home! i learned that just bc you think you can trust “friends” you thought were friends, you cant!  and those who are truely your friends will be there through thick and thin.. and today i’m very thankful for true grounded Christian friends to pick me up when im down.. and of course my hubby!

my business means more to me than any other “job’ i’ve done.. ever.. i’ve done a ton of things to.. including surgical tech at an animal hospital for 7yrs that i loved.. this beats it by 110%! i feel i put my heart and soul into everything about it.. i purchase all of my equipment myself, i purchase all my props myself, i do it all! i just recentaly hired an assistant to help me during sessions, which makes me super excited!

what i’d love to say is that i’d love for you to know me, the real me before judging or thinking things about me.. i heard recently that another photographer and someone else with them had been contacting my clients.. saying horrible things about me. then that makes me wonder about alot of things.. most of you know me, know who i am, know i’m a mother of 3 girls, that i AM a christian, know i’m a good friend and know i love my business… so, this is why i’ve let this situation roll off my shoulder.. i’m learning to give my issues to God, knowing he is the only 1 who can fix any kind of problem.. i will continue from this day forward to be 100% professional, give 110% in everything i do, business wise and will always have MY clients best interest at heart in every session i do… those that know me, know  the real me.. so whatever people say about me is on them.. i will continue to do my job and move forward..

i cant help but be human have have a heart and wonder why some do the things they do.. but i’m learning also to toughen up.. move forward.

this post is completly me… i will never change who i am. i will never stoop to the levels of unprofessional for anyone..

my business is changing.. i feel so extremely blessed to be where i am today.. while i was off i was mentored by an amazing photographer and in may i will be also heading to julie paisley’s workshop.. stoked is an understatement!

all images are 100% full resolution.. i have all new editing tools, new lenses, new printing company, a website in the making and so so so much more..

2013 is going to be fantastic.. i couldnt be more grateful to those who have chose me to photograph their amazing families.. looking forward to meeting tons of new clients and all those returning..

thank  you also for reading this.. i think that if you want to get to know me not only as a photographer, but a person, you can just ask.. 🙂 i’m very friendly.. lol!!!

have a great night!