the #1 response i get before i do a session is “I hate the way i look on camera”.. this is the 1 thing almost everyone says.. why is this? i do believe its because they are used to a iphone, quick point or some random image thier children may take while they are in the backseat and always get the best angle of us, am i right? ha!
everyone should hire a professional at least once for family pictures! it’s a must! when hiring a professional they should know the best placement, the best angle the best light so that your images turn into beauty!
dont be scared! i feel these images will be passed to your children when your gone, they will look back and say “oh rem. this day.. isnt mom gorgeous”!! this is my goal(well 1 out of 4million, ha)!
knowing this family has 6 kids and this is the 2nd session with them, i feel confident in providing images for them that will be passed down to their children! isnt this what it’s all about?
hire a professional today! dont hesitate.. i heard something today that really touched my heart.. we all arent promised tomorrow.. photographs should be amazing memories for your children to pass down to their children! if you have been putting off hiring a photographer, try and book at least 1 this yr! it doesnt have to be me.. theres tons of amazing photographers! (though i’d love to,ha)… but its very important to have those memories, i feel! 🙂