i have to say i was a hair nervous when this momma contacted me.. if i could be honest.. i do a ton of sessions, boys this age i dont do many, though i’ve done some, just not many! but i knew i could rock it.. lol!!!
when they stepped out of the car my fear instantly passed.. i mean those eyes, the skin color, the gorgeous momma.. the list goes on and on!!!!!! i had an instant connection with the boys. and i seriously mean this!!!!! i knew that i had done my job when the youngest said walking to the car, mom, can she take our pics again! oh my heart.. overwhelmed,, no joke!!!
i posted a few pics for mom and dad, and then i got the best comment later sat. evening..
“my boys love you.. they want to have a session again and they HATE thier pics taken”…. my first thought SUCCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fun, just tons of fun with the boys.. enjoyed every minute :))