Photography is pure enjoyment to me! I enjoy every aspect of the business from my Nikon to the lenses to my clients & finishing off w/editing!
My passion is lifestyle. I enjoy capturing my clients life through my lens. I feel building a strong bond with the clientele is very important! This is how I capture life! This is my joy in my work! Building a lasting relationship is very important to me. I want to capture the upmost personal images for my families! What is also important is getting images you are proud of, proud to show off, proud to hang in your home!
My goals are to be consistent in my workflow! I want each client to be 100% satisfied with the images I hand over! This is very important to me! I feel extremely blessed with where I am and where I’m going! I’m taking my business to another level. Communication is extremely important & I plan on stepping up this aspect as well! I have a ton of new things coming & so excited to share!
I’m offering minis throughout the calendar year, not just certain days. My full 1 hour session prices are decreasing a hair to better suit my clients who need that full hour session! My goals are to cater to you! As my client I will do my best to completely satisfy your needs & wants! I plan on making this year the best! Looking so forward to the future. It’s feeling amazing so far!
Have a great night everyone:)