being a photog it’s simple when booking clients and actually doing the session, editing, ect. i feel i breeze through it with no problems. sometimes i feel giving my info and not hearing back from some potential clients worries me, but then i think it’s meant to be.. not everyone can afford my fee’s or maybe they choose someone else, (which is totally fine), or maybe i’m just not what they are looking for, which is also totally fine as well.. what i’m about to explain is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me;)

1) booking a session should feel good, seriously, it should. you should be super proud of your decision with your photographer that there should be not 1 bit of regret when doing it! the experience of booking should be amazing as well.. having family pictures made, or whatever the case may be should be an investment, period. i think of it as booking a vacation, or maybe even shopping for a car, it should be THAT important to you. you should want to invest in your session because the images will display in your home and you should feel proud to have them there!

2)choose someone who you connect with, who takes pride in their work and it shows! the money you spend should be worth every penny!!

reason’s for me writing this today is because i just booked our family session in late aug with an amazing photographer who i ADORE and her work is nothing less than stunning! i’m investing in this session as well. i’ve worked hard to save to use this photographer, and i felt absolutely amazing after i  hung up the phone with her staff.. it was the best experience i’ve ever had with another photographer, ever!

this motivates me to do better, to follow through with my prices, my products, my passion, my gift that i adore so much! i plan to better myself in this business, period! nothing like feeling like a million dollars after getting off the phone after investing in a talented photog!

this gives me strength and more passion to be a better business woman and rethink alot of things. geez, i’m just really excited!!

hope you all will soon 1 day be writing a blog like this with my name included. what an honor!!! 🙂

revamping some things.. eekkkkk!!!

tons of excitement right now:)

have a good day,