exciting news!!!!!!! 🙂

today i am adding some new things to my business and couldn’t be more excited! i feel there’s a lot of time that goes into capturing your family, children whatever the case may be and i want to add an extra “beauty” to each session!

currently i offer mini’s and full 1 hour sessions. this will not change. i focus mainly on my 3 loves.. this is what i adore, what makes my heart skip.. children, family and lifestyle… love everything about each of these and will continue through my business doing what i love, capturing the raw, timeless images that your proud to hang in your home and show your friends and family. OK, so the news:: 😉

each session that flows on say a Saturday…. by wed. or Thursday i will meet with the client from the session( your welcome to bring whoever you like to the meeting)… your images will be showcased in my home on my big screen. we will go over print options. what images you like best and what prints you would like to order… (this is all optional, no one is required to do this, but i’d love it if everyone did)… i see it this way. your cd doesn’t hang in your home. your prints do. most probably use walgreens, walmart, ect to print your images i give you… i’d love to change this for you by providing my own personal printing lab that comes highly recommended and it SUPER affordable. they are amazing, i have actually ordered several prints and have loved everything about it.

if you are unable to come here to meet, i will make it possible to come to you on an evening with my laptop and go over your images with you. facebook will be limited to previews. i will post 3max from each session and of course some added to my website, http://www.desraramey.com

i want most/ if not all images to view your eyes first before showcasing on social media! i strongly urge you to consider printing with me. this is not something i will make a killing off of. so do not take it this way. my goal is to get the up most beautiful images printed for you and your family, and a professional printing lab is always best! cost will be the same if not a hair more than your walgreens, ect stores.. i can promise you that. plus there’s a huge amount of finishing looks to go with. meeting face to face and going over all this will be a perk for you. you will not have to run to the store and put the cd in the machine and pick images to get a 4×6 that probably looks nothing like what your given on your 100%full high resolution cd. *let me be clear* this is not required, but will be offered at no extra charge to EVERY client of mine! ALSO, cd’s still WILL  be included in your session fee:) just fyi

this is just the beginning of whats to come with my business this year. i’m so stoked to announce upcoming things weekly.. stay tuned! thank you again to each of you for choosing me to photograph your “simply timeless” precious moments.

have a great night…..