i’d never image where i’d be today. though i’m far from where i want to be, i’m truly and honestly so dern excited i can hardly stand it. my website launched today, and i couldn’t be more happy with it.

starting photography, i’d never image how much i’d love it. buying my first camera, i couldn’t dream what was in store. it really changed my life. i love everything about this job. my camera to start with, lenses, clients, editing, friends, meeting new people, you name it, i love it!!!

I strive for:

:better images

:booking more clients

: attending more workshops and learning everything i can

:giving my clients the most valuable item to hang in their house and be proud of them:)


this journey has been tough, to say the least. but, i know where i am and who i am and this is the most important thing in this business. i’m very grateful i have discovered what makes my heart beat in this industry. my 3 “loves”. family, children and lifestyle. some search for a long time to discover what they enjoy most about their job. i feel my “loves” come natural, considering i’m a mother. watching a webinar i learned so much a few weeks ago. listening to her talk i could place myself in her shoes and took all her advise and encouragement to heart. i listened with my ears wide open. don’t worry with what others say and do. this is YOUR business. you control it. what others say and do isn’t your problem. you must focus on what’s important. keep focused and push forward 100%!   don’t ever self doubt. keep your mind in the right direction. and, i’d love to quote my amazing supporting hubby when he said ” all you can do is try, do your best.. if it fails, then move on, it’s not the end of the world”. he’s so totally right, though i’d be crushed if my business failed, but i’ll do all i cant to keep it moving forward. that’s really all i can do.  i’m so very grateful for such a supporting husband. 🙂

so i just want to leave this post with telling each of you how excited i am for the future. yes, there will be ups and downs, but i’m prepared emotionally and spiritually to overcome ANYTHING…

life is to short, your babies are only little once.. enjoy your life and just add a passion to it if you can:)   have a good night…