today, i’m blogging while the girls nap. i find myself looking around at whats in front of me and start to be very thankful for what i have. lord knows we don’t have the biggest most gorgeous home, or tons of money to flaunt around and buy expensive things with, but we are happy.. good, honest happy!! we have 3 girls that are the light of our lives, and this i will be eternally grateful for.

chuck and i have been married almost 9yrs. looking back at our life nobody would have ever imagined we would be where we are today. God gives you “that” person who is meant for you and you just know that person is the 1:) we both had hard lives, as far as the things we did, but being only human, we learn from our mistakes and move forward. teaching our girls that no one person is perfect, life is short, love your friends and your family, spend time with them. show them you can be a business owner, or work and still be good parents. i’m learning each day to control my thoughts and my actions. and espc. my voice. i’m guilty of being an inattentive parent, a stinky friend, a bad business owner, unorganized, forgetting whats important, things like that. but what i’ve come to learn is that you have to step away. learn to balance your business and your life together. make strong and focused decisions, learn to give God issues that only he can handle. he has a way of showing you what matters and doesn’t. i’ve learned to listen and don’t speak.

i’ve gotten kinda close with my mentor, friend, helper! her words and complete faith in me and constant support will never be re-payed like i should. God has surely gifted some to be just listeners and supporters. not just business wise, but motherly and wife wise. her points are rare and i will listen with my ears wide open!  true honest friends are rare. when you find them you just know. i have few, but gracious i couldn’t be more thankful for those ladies!    this post isn’t about friends. though i love you each dearly, it’s about learning to cope with business and your home life.

i’ve learned to step away(though I’m blogging now, but girls are snoozing), i will keep a journal, i will keep a planner, i will  focus on what’s important and choose my decisions wisely. i love and adore my job, this is my calling. my focus is on that and my family. i’m learning to control my “web” time, phone time…. this is crucial to success in this industry. your mind, and spirit need to be right to handle a full time business and this is my goal.  i plan to learn to plan 🙂 and control. this is all apart of 2013! i have goals set, i plan to follow through with most of them(lol)…

i just want each of you to know that it’s not impossible to have  a passion for your job and also be a wife and mother. set boundaries, set goals, live as much as you can, kiss your babies, tell your husband, wife you you love them more than once a day, and be a good friend. i’ve learned so much about myself the last few months its nuts. my goal is to put my plan into action:)  you will succeed with the right attitude. set an example to your children. you can do anything if you set your mind to it!!!

good day friends 🙂