It’s getting towards the end of Jan already!!! have you set your goals? have you wrote them down and tucked them away in a safe spot.. find it easier if i write them down.. that way i see them and i stick to them better.. i’ve also found a great yearly planner. if you dont have 1, find 1.. get it semi big to, that way you can write everything in it. not just keeping up with your schedule, but maybe you could insert a quote or something someone has said to you that encouraged you… it’s a great investment.  i feel goals are meant to be written out. my  opinion, but if you write them your more than likely to stick with them. set amazing goals. be very picky, choose wisely! you may be wanting a new lens, or a new prop, or loose 10 lbs.. write it down. i’m planning on going back on dec. 31st to look to see what i accomplished and what i didn’t. i know as a full time mother and running a full time business i wont reach every single goal i have set. but i plan to do as much as i can.

paying it forward: i plan to do a ton of it this year. (also in the planner).. i feel we get what we give. we reap what we sew, we bless because it’s in our bones to do so. God gave us this life. share what you can, enjoy what you have and don’t try and be someone else. life will throw curve balls, believe me, it’s going to happen. learning to cope with situations is best. paying it forward will only improve your heart….

i encourage all of you to follow your dreams, follow your goals, keep it up. we live 1 life on this earth. i plan to set my standards high on the example i set for my children. no matter your circumstances, follow your dreams. giving up will only teach your children that’s ok, when its not. be kind. show kind and compassion through your voice and your words you speak. negativity is the root of evil. surround yourself with purpose driven people who set good examples to you. be inspired, take a chance and look at the future as something beautiful.   we all start somewhere. it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to get there it’s how we do it. i plan to take my business to the stars but i know it’s going to take time to get to where i want to be. that’s OK. i’ll enjoy the ride while i’m on it:)

i hope everyone will take this post and pull it into your heart. keep it there. God is the master behind our lives. trust in him and you can do anything!

good day friends 😉 stay warm.. (i’m praying for snow!!!!!!!)