i’d like to start by saying that encouragement is a great thing to see, hear, do, and it’s in my blood for 2013 to be an encouragement to others. i don’t claim to be the best, or over myself that i think i’m better than anyone. what i do know is that everyone needs encouragement and to be honest, i’m no different. i love reading encouraging stories.. it always makes my heart flutter!!! always!!! 2013 i plan to do alot of things different, and not just my style, but my outlook, my words, my feelings, my heart. i plan to show all of those more.

1) the first thing i’d want to say to those who may be having a hard time with, well just about any situation is to NEVER give up. no matter the circumstances. keep pushing forward. try not to worry with what others are doing and how they are doing it. in this industry everyone has a different eye. you may like 1 thing, i may not… you may like certain things, i may not. that’s the beauty of photography….i see all types of beauty when i turn on facebook. i’m telling you, so much talent its unbelievable. and yes, i really enjoy looking. it encourages me to be better, to try new things, ect.

2)find you! meaning, explore.. practice, choose different settings, explore your options. find “you” in your journey….. keep a positive outlook. when feeling down, step away…    back a few months ago i took some time off… THE BEST decision i ever made. i’d do it again in a heart beat!!!!  i really explored myself and my camera. i chose to hire a mentor who taught me tons. not only about my camera, but about myself(yes, she was very encouraging on the business end and “friend” end as well)!!!  i had honestly lost my way. i felt like i was stuck. that was  a very scary time in my life. here i was with 3 kids, a husband and my job was affecting me so bad i HAD to take time off… so thankful and grateful that i did!!!!!

3) practice…. then practice…. and practice more…….

take some classes. evaluate your lenses… dig into your camera. learn exactly what it does and how it does it…. research, meaning video’s, what ever you have to do to get your mind and business right do it…….    thanks to my 3 girls for being my subjects for so long.. 😉 I’ve practiced on them so much that they are used to it all now;)  

4) be YOU!!! don’t try and be someone else.. the best thing i found was to be inspired by some, but don’t ever think you want to be them… you really don’t know them and know what they do on  a day to day basis… (not that it would be bad, but really there’s only room in this world for 1 of them or God would’ve made 2 of them, lol)!!!!!   i’m still learning so much about myself it’s crazy. i know who i am. who i want to be and know where i’m going… i’ve set goals, got a yearly planner, taking some more courses, building a website, just trying my best to stay focused on what’s important!

5)your family!!!!   NO MATTER WHAT, your family should and always should come first… keep in mind they are still there when your spending 80+hours a week on the computer…. rem. they are watching everything you say and do…    me: this was me… the old me… i felt like my business took over my life. i was neglectful to my girls, my husband, my home, and most importantly GOD…. my business was always more important than God.. yes, I’m being real…. it took over my life. (before i took time off)…… after evaluating my life i’m choosing to change my life and my business around… i know my priorities.. i know whats important.. i know that i have the up most passion for this job and i will continue to move forward no matter what. but i will do it differently..

i just hope that there’s someone out there who may be down on themselves for whatever reason that you find peace… keep up the good work and continue to move forward… your here for a reason… rem. that:)   i’m excited beyond belief for this year… cant wait to move forward!!!!!!!

have a great day folks…..