havent blogged in a few days and wanted to write a little something about what i do, how i do it and some goodie info;) i feel this year will be the best yet.. i only see going up for the future. i want to help others bc i know how it felt starting out and how beside myself i was when i got my first camera and editing software. i was a crazy chick, no lie.. i can rem.  crying my eyes out the first week at least 3 times… i felt so overwhelmed and had nobody, and i mean nobody to teach me, help me or show me anything.. so when i say i was self taught, it’s 100% the truth! i have no degree on photography, i have no awards, but i do have passion. i believe that out ways it by a lot!! i did recently have a mentor who taught me TONS. foreva, and i mean fo-eva grateful… 😉

i started out with a lil ol’ nikon d3100, and YES, that is a good camera. very good. anything nikon rocks my socks.. so crisp, clean and clear.. (even my mentor loved my d7000)!!!and she’s a canon chick.. i do not know canon’s. at all.. but heard they are very excellent cameras as well.. so, by NO means knocking canon lovers:) everyone has their thing.. totally respect that:)

now: today i own a d7000, love it. love it. it’s perfect for ME.. yes, me.. i said me.. lol.. i adore it, it gives me just what i want. would i buy a bigger camera if i could. yes. most def. but today, it’s not in my budget… maybe in a few years:)

my lenses… i 5 total. 3 i use regularly, and 1 i use on special occassions and 1 i dont even use..

35mm-love.. amazing for newborns, kids. 🙂 (no zoom, so i do all the work, which i enjoy)

85mm- LOVE- no zoom, and again i get to do all the work on it as well… plus its crisp, clean and perfect for ANYTHING…

i have a ultra wide angle lens that i adore. dont use much bc of the fishy eye it gives in some images. gotta be careful with that.. (it’s a 10-24mm)

and last my go to lens. i use for everyday.. (not giving that info out,,, lol it’s my secret)!

ALL my lenses work properly for manual mode. which means the camera does nothing for me. i choose my settings and it sticks. it’s doesnt go searching around for my apeture. it’s set and this is why i love these lenses.. (in the market for a new lens too, coming soon;)

editing.. i use pse10, lr3 and ps7!

sound insane?? dont let that scare you… i ALWAYS, ALWAYS start in lr. why? bc i shoot RAW. completly and 100% every single session is raw. i love it. is for everyone, no.. me–yes! when in lr i only do very small adjustments. and i mean small… exposure if needed, wb if needed and a hair of noise reduction. NOTHING ELSE…. i have a ton of presets, and i mean a ton.. DONT USE THEM. not in lr. not for me… though i know some that sell them and they are fantastic.. (munchkins and mohawks. ahhhh-mazing)!!!!!

2) i either take in pse, or ps.. depending on my mood. i run 1 action if needed on my image. only if needed. i mostly sharpen and create “the” look… i adore florabella & julie paisley’s actions. they are fantastic. and ive used erin hensley’s, love them as well. as well as oh so posh. theres so many actions to choose from so chose wisley. dont over do it. ever. it’s best to keep your images crisp and clean(IN MY OPINION ONLY***)

my goal: to get the best image out of my camera first. period.. theres no other way to do it in my eyes. if you dont start with something beautiful, you will end up with something not so beautiful… again,,,, in my eyes only!!!! all this info is me.. only me. i can not speak for anyone else on how they do things or run thier business. ive been asked by many on how i do things..some who are not able to meet face to face and thought i’d write to let everyone know a little bit on what i do and how i do it…  my life is not complicated.. not anymore. i’ve got a new way of doing things that makes my life so much easier! i hope this helps someone who needs help.. lord knows i wouldve loved to have someone help me when i first started..

i’ve got about 65 more pages of info i could share but not enough time, lol.. maybe more on another day.. 🙂 🙂