i’ve been praying, i’ve been thinking, and praying and thinking… so much has been going through my mind these days im having trouble keeping up with myself. ideas are always running wild. everything catches my eyes, at home, in public, in the car. i have to admit i have the “photog bug”.. lol.. bad…. 😉

ok, so what i’m about to explain is what i’ve been feeling the past few months and getting the courage to actually get the info out and get it in stone. :)!

1) my passion is photography. period. love it!!

my heart is changing.. but for the best. seems it pulls me 1 way every single time i pick my camera up.

i’m going to be focusing mainly on family, children and lifestyle. this is where my passion lies. being i have 3 small girls myself, it’s only natural this is my passion. i have 2 weddings scheduled this year and i will not be doing anymore. weddings are not my calling, though i can certianly do them, it’s not my passion!

my business will souly be focused on family, kids, and lifestyle. i will also offer birthstories, and maternity and newborns as well… that kind of goes with the above i’ve explained.

i’m thankful that i can truly focus on what i love. i know it’s the best decision bc my heart keeps pulling me there.

so as of today i will no longer book weddings. i can surely point you in the right direction to amazing local photog’s who specialize in weddings. kristy vest is my fave wedding local photog… she’s fantastic when it comes to capturing the exact right images for her clients.

i will still book a few senior, parties and other things as well, but it will not be much…. so please dont be alarmed if you wanted to book and now reading this and thinking i wont do it.. i will still do a few. not many though..,


ahh, i feel better. 😉 couldnt wait to get that out.  i think this change is going to be perfect! thanks for listening.. please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns if you have any…

have a good night!