starting this blog tonight after thinking tons the past few days about a lot! this past year was a toughie for me.. but thankful to be on the road to moving forward and getting past a lot of things. just rem. you cant change anyone. what you can change is yourself. you have to learn to deal with things and move past it. God doesnt give us anything we cant handle. period. he also says it’s going to be easy being his child, but he is on our side, thats what i am learning as i grow not only as a photog, but as a christian. life comes with up’s and down’s, but how we react to it is on us.. and us only!!! it’s our responsibility to be productive human beings and treat others with respect even when we dont want to or think a situation isnt fair. thats life. my heart has changed so much these past few weeks in so many situations. talking with God i know no matter any situation he is here and will do whats needed to make things right. how extremely thankful i am too.

let me start by saying last year i was no saint either. i did a lot of hurtful things, said hurtful things to people and about people. ITS WRONG, and i have learned from it and moved on. i’m looking at the future now. i’ve appoligized to some and moved on from others. so, with that said, i will move on now šŸ˜‰

in this business you must have a strong heart. you must hold your head high and be proud of what you have done and where you have been. i’ve come a long way and still not even close to where i’d like to be, but i am working towards it. my images may not be the prettiest or the right colors, or in the right position that some think, but they are mine. it’s what i like. if we were all the same how boring this life would be to have all the same images hanging in each of our homes.. ya know…

on another note, if you are starting out in the photography business, take your time. take some classes, learn your equipment, purchase some lenses and be confident. dont let anyone talk you out of something you love! stay true to yourself:)


with all this said, i’m changingĀ  TONSĀ  this year! building a website, new logo, new everything!!!!! i plan to pay it forward asĀ  much as possible. i’ve had some amazing friends do some amazing things for me this year so how could i not help others… ,I signed up for julie paisley’s workshop and online workshop in May, that i feel so blessed beyond words can express!!

there will be tons of opportunities for everyone to join. i’ll be collecting books, i want to collect clothes, i’m giving away tons of sessions, I am offering mentor “tag alongs” throughout the year as well, free of charge, Ā among other things. i feel beyond blessed and plan to bless others throughout the year!!

Ā this year will be amazing. i feel it in my heart so much i can hardly stand it!!!!


thanks for reading, have a great night:)