i’m bummed to the max i missed yesterday’s posting! so, i’ll pretend like today is the new year(which it still is, lol)…

so ready for this new year. couldnt be more ready. i feel this year will be the best yet. i’ve sat and wrote my resolutions out. prayfully sticking by them this year! so much to be thankful for that i cant even express it enough! this past year has been rough. learned so much. i plan to put what i’ve learned into action as well! couldnt be more thankful for the amazing advise i got from so many sweet people!

trusting is hard in this business. considering ive had my share of disappointments, it’s only normal. but God gives you people in your life to make you stronger. he tells us its not going to be easy. never did he say when you are his child that your life is perfect. ya know. im a sinner just like everyone else. i do things wrong, i sometimes dont treat my husband with respect, or my true friends the right way when they deserve better…. but, what’s changing in me is my heart. i will continue to learn more from the word and follow his teachings. he tells us to love our neighbor. no matter what. and i will do this.

this business is my calling. do i believe this,, yes.. 100%. i’ve asked him to take it away from me several times, but seems it still doesnt go away. so, does he have me here for a reason, yes! i do truely beleive this! i know in my heart this is where im suppose to be!    do i think im perfect? do i think im the best there is, and theres nobody that can hold a candle to my work??? HECK NO!!!! never. not in a million years!    i’m working to get better. classes, a mentor, new lenses that actually work with manual mode, learning new light, new edits. im WORKING ON IT. im by no means perfect. who is/ bc it’s not me!!!

theres so serious talent in the area! serious. i adore looking at their work and their confidence. it makes me want to be a better professional.  some of my faves, 😉   kristy vest photography! she’s amazing. her style of wedding photography is breathtaking!! i adore tina wilson and her simple, lifestyle look. Rachel anglen~ simple, clean, from the entire heart. so precious, and perfect… and an amazing friend, who i adore! so many more i could go on forever. it would take me days to mention all the talent. so most of you should NEVER have a hard time choosing a photographer locally. 🙂 🙂  

i want everyone to know how grateful i am, not only that you chose me to capture your life moments for you, but grateful for the friendships I’ve made throughout my journey. i will always be grateful.

photography should come from the heart. you should be able to tell if it does or not. its a passion that shows in an image. it’s true. (new perspective when looking for someone)…

life is short, make 2013 a wonderful year. i plan on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!