i would like to start this blog off this morning by saying this is MY blog.. what i choose to do with it is my choice.. i dont feel i’ve hurt anyone or said anything out of the way.,. period! what i do is speak the truth.. 100% truth!  i dont understand what the problem is. i have said nothing or done nothing wrong. i think it’s very sickening that some take ALL my post and blogs, and images and page and life as i’m talking to them.. sorry to disappoint some, but this is my life. i will run my life and my business the way i want to.. it’s really nobody else’s business what i do.. it’s sad that i cant even post anything without people getting offended!!!

i DO not run and talk about other photographers to MY clients!!! EVER! let me make this crystal clear! i think what other photographers do is their business.. i think that everyone is different in their own way.. what i do is my way.. what others do is their way.. if everyone was the same, there wouldnt be tons of talent in the area..

what i did say is that it’s sad that it comes down to another photographer contacting my clients via messaging! but…. what can i do about it??? respond, contact thier clients??? NO.. i’d NEVER do that.. not my thing.. i feel professionalism is key.. you have to be smart and treat people with respect, even when they dont you.. i wonder why i’m such a problem to some?? why is that people cant leave me be????? really! what on earth does it take to make it stop?? how can this continue for so long?

i say it stops now.. i will no longer continue to be in the middle of all this chaos. i will move on, and hold my head high and contiue to live MY life. even if everyone else doesnt stop, i AM…

i think it’s terribly sad that i have to go through this.

let me be clear and get my point across.. i do not talk about other photographers, and i do not want anymore drama! i will not respond anymore about these issues. i will move forward and do my job that i love and i will continue on with my life. i’m ending it! period!

so if anyone hears of how bad of a person i am and how all i do is talk about my clients then i will throw it over my shoulder and move forward. i mean really, what can i do about it???

i will hold professionalism to the fullest. so, i am ending it for good. i’m finished with the constant talks and put downs. i will move forward. period.